Saturday, October 6, 2012

Parlovr - Kook Soul

Emerging out of the thick, lush, layered textures of the Montreal music scene comes the complete opposite: Parlovr.
Pronounced either "Parlour" or "Parlover", the band was formed to rebel against the norm and in turn created one of the most interesting bands in Canada. Featuring two vocalists (Alex Cooper and Louis David Jackson), this three piece blends different musical styles to create a multitude of sounds. Sometimes it's a thin, harsh sound like in the quirky Married on a Sunday, and sometimes it's a surprisingly large, interwoven sound like in the album opener Do You Remember?. The sound changes with every song and makes you want to keep listening without making the album sound disjointed. That they're a three piece makes the variety in sound even more remarkable and Kook Soul is certainly one of the best and most interesting releases of the past twelve months.

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