Monday, October 8, 2012

Kathleen Edwards - Voyageur

Kathleen Edwards is well known for her rootsy folk sound and this album is no exception.
The record was written and recorded after her marriage ended and this theme is present throughout the album. Produced by her current boyfriend Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, this album has a very different sound to her previous albums. Here we see a lot less of her old country sound and a lot more influence from Vernon. It is a very honest album where she sings of her past relationship (Chamelion/Comedian, For the Record) and also of her future loves (Sidecar). The listener feels a deep connection to her through her heartfelt lyrics and melodical guitars which allow us to feel her emotions and relate to them. Voyageur is the tales of her voyage through relationship turmoils and self discovery and we are all happily brought along for the ride.

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