Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CKXU Playlist 09/10

Here is our playlist for our Brand New Music show. There has been so many good albums released lately it was hard to narrow it down but a few bands prevailed!

Now That I've Given Up Hope I Feel So Much Better - Shout Out Out Out Out (Spanish Moss and Total Loss)
Something More - Great Bloomers (Distant Fires)
20's - Rah Rah (The Poet's Dead)

Wolves - Whale Tooth (Search party)
Cerulean Blues - Geist (Fissures)
Inferior Ghosts - Papermaps (Inferior Ghosts)

Then and Now Clump
Love and Truth - Mother Mother (Touch Up)
Infinitesimal - Mother Mother (The Sticks)
Raw Sugar - Metric (Grow Up and Blow Away)
The Void - Metric (Synthetica)

The McGill Ghetto - Mathias Mental (The Stateroom Scene)
The Cold - Shred Kelly (In The Hills)

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