Thursday, October 11, 2012

Eight and a Half - Self Titled

Half Broken Social Scene, half The Stills; Eight and a Half is a joint project of two of the biggest bands in Canadian Indie music in the last decade.
Their music sounds very different compared to their previous projects, with lush, dense synth parts, it's hardly reminiscent of recent popular songs by either band. But the disconnect doesn't affect the quality of the music, perhaps it even improves it. Musicians that try new things can be one of the scariest things as a fan; you really just want them to be like they were and never change. One of the most popular phrases in a fan's vocabulary is "it's not as good as their early stuff". But when musicians grow like the ones in Eight and a Half have you get a beautiful work of art that feels progressive while also remaining accessible, maybe the fans can finally just accept the music for what it is and not compare it to what they used to be.

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