Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Lethbridge Lowdown

         Lethbridge. Or as some like to call it Deathbridge, the City of Wind. But what of the music scene in Lethbridge? Is it worth putting up with all the bad hair days? Elton John seemed to think so, making a stop here on his latest tour. Elliott Brood even called it their second hometown, playing 2 nights here last month. All in all, a steady flow of bands comes through these city limits, some well known, some not worth the $5 cover charge. But hey, not everyone can do a 'Rococode/Royal Canoe at the Slice' and blow my mind. The venues also cater to local musicians with open mic nights at both the Slice and the Owl. Yeah, the service at the Slice is a little lacking, but just go to the bar for a beer, and if you go back a few too many times there's a mattress on the ceiling if you want to stay the night. The university also brings in some gooders with Bedouin Soundclash, Said the Whale, K-OS and the Pack A.D, to name a few, all making appearances in the last few years. Henotic was my favourite venue, but alas, it is no more.  If you manage to go to a show and not foolishly forget to bring enough cash/your debit card for merch (who does that?) Blueprint is a few blocks away to fulfil the rest of your music needs. 
       Overall, Lethbridge has a lot more to offer than most think. It is not just 'that city south of Calgary' but has a growing indie culture. Lethbridge's own The Ketamines even made it to SXSW this year. In the years to come it can only grow in what it has to offer for us young indie folk.   

      Oh. And Westside is the Best side.

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