Thursday, July 26, 2012

Playlist July 26, 2012

     This is the first of what I’m hoping to make a weekly occurrence, where I post a playlist that I made myself and give tips on how to order and create your own.  I fancy myself somewhat of an amazing, spectacular, incredible, etc. creator of playlists so I hope my advice will help you make your own for any occasion.  Each week I will include the playlist I’ve made, the title I’ve chosen, and a Youtube link to the portion of the playlist that I talk about in my tip. I would just put the whole playlist on Youtube, but it would be common for me not to find all of them.

Changing Places
The Blueprint (Live) – Arkells*
The Only Place – Best Coast
Out On the Shield – Said the Whale
New Goodbye – Hey Rosetta!
Amaze-Me-Jane – Parlovr
Morning Bird / Water Lines – Attack in Black
Windsor – Michou
Express Yourself – N.W.A.**
O My Heart – Mother Mother
The Maid Needs A Maid – Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
Guilty Cubicles – Broken Social Scene
*Works best if you cut the final about 20 seconds
**I used the second version of this that is on the reissue, but either version works.

     Ordering tip #1 – I always start my playlists with either an upbeat song that’s not very dense texturally, or with a song that eases the listener into the playlist.  What you choose entirely depends on what kind of playlist you’re going for and what the next songs are.  Here I have the Best Coast song second and I know that it kind of eases into itself so I wanted something that set an energetic tone for the playlist.  If you were to choose a song such as Hayloft by Mother Mother to go second you’d need something that built and had very little dead air at the end of it. Context is everything.


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