Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Said the Whale show at the Gateway 09/05

Said the Whale came to Calgary yet again! I never complain about another Said the Whale show. Even though this is the 3rd time I have seen them live this year this show stood out. Their last show in Calgary back in April was an All Ages show. Now dont get me wrong, I understand the importance of All Ages shows, but I have never seen so many 13 year old hipsters drunk off of their first beer in my life. Next time someone tries to start a mosh pit to Love is Art next to me, they die.

So onto the brilliance of the Gateway show. They opened with Out on the Shield when they usually open with a single such as Heavy Ceiling. this was awesome and completely unpredictable. They then carried on to play many other fan favourites such as This Cities a Mess and The Light is You. The crowd was singing along to every song! They also asked for requests on Twitter and played Hurricane Ada which I requested! They may have been going to play it anyway but I like to think they played it because of me. It felt like they were playing to the fans more than trying to promote thier album which I really liked. Never miss a chance to see them live!!! They pretty much tour endlessly, you have no excuse!

Here is the set list for the night. There was a new song in there somewhere too but i forgot to write it down:
Out on the Shield
This Cities a Mess
A Black Day in December
The Light is You
O Alexandra
We Are 1980
Big Sky, MT
False Creek Change
BC Orienteering
Big Wave Goodbye
Jesse, AR
New Brighton
Hurricane Ada
Camilo the Magician
Emerald Lake, AB

Goodnight Moon

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