Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update + Plans

    So apparently we have a blog...  If you're wondering why the posts suddenly stopped, it's simply because we haven't had the time.

   "But what happened to all the free time you used to have?" You, reader, may ask.  My response is simply: life.  Things change, and this last month we've found ourselves at a loss for time.  The main time sink, and possibly a lack of motivation for blogging, has been our new radio show on the University of Lethbridge radio station!  Every Tuesday at 6pm Mountain Time you can listen to us playing and talking about our favourite Canadian music on CKXU 88.3 FM or online at ckxu.com.

    We're hoping to use this blog as a supplement to the live show.  As a way to talk about what we didn't have a chance to on the show, to post our track listing that we played, and just as a forum for what we've been listening to or thinking about.

    Hopefully this answers any questions if anyone has been watching the blog and was wondering what was up.  And hopefully you'll check us out tonight!

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